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We have a Desire to Share our Love of Nature

By utilizing our talents in creative ways, we first hope to raise awareness of overlooked aspects of the natural world we live in.  By working with existing organizations that help manage the National Trail System, we hope to develop our own “flowing streams” of awareness. Walking down these various pathways for 2 decades has created a personal identity so intertwined with Nature’s majestic backdrop that everyday life tingles with excitement and delights in adventure. Our photo archive has evolved over the years, developing an emotional intensity only obtained through this commingling.  Government and non-profit agencies’ inadequate resources make it difficult to carry out their missions in today’s ever-changing high tech world.  We realize we are not responsible for finding solutions to this situation, yet on the other hand, we are willing to step forward and persist in our attempts to facilitate a “win, win, win” approach. The basic premise involves a collective approach; our comprehensive catalogue of National Trail images, along with uniquely formatted educational content viewed by families across America.  We see it as a beautiful way to share the wonders of nature utilizing the National Trail System. 

We Cultivate our Dreams with Lifelong Learning

Bart loves to hike and photograph.  Bridgie loves to create and implement large projects.  Together we desire life that is both comfortable and challenging. We both have a heartfelt connection to nature and people.  In addition, we wish to share Bart’s work with the world. This level of self-development requires a lifelong learning approach to succeed. Neither of us is exceptionally gifted or studious, but we both realized mastery of necessary new skills was an absolute.   In order to achieve our goals/dreams we turned our home into a book depository, lived in the hinterlands of Google, and pulled our hair out learning new computer programs. As a result of those experiences, we have developed a business strategy focused on enhancing the general public awareness of nature and history through trail lessons. Only by eliciting input from parties knowledgeable about the Nation Trail System and current technology will we be able to develop such a multimedia website.


We Believe in Ourselves

Anything is possible, perhaps not in the original form imagined, but rather as a rough draft frequently revised to adapt to unforeseen events.  What others might consider as failure, we see as a new opportunity to adapt.  From firsthand experience, the both of us have observed many times over that success goes hand in hand with a heartfelt conviction that success is possible.

We Focus on the Big Picture

Too often, life resembles a mosaic viewed up close.  Given time and distance, what we call perseverance, the wondrous scene unfolds itself.  This long-range focus is how a hospital audio-visual coordinator and a critical care nurse, meeting at a nursing conference combined energies while Walking down a Dream.  Other people’s beliefs were great for them, but we chose our own reality.  Together we have created a joyous marriage, marvelous photographic images from around the world, coffee table books, matted pictures, the Katahdin Art Project and ultimately completed the largest photographic endeavor ever untaken by an individual.   The best part of it all is that we have had a lot of fun.  Please feel free to join us in our journey…


Bart & Bridgie.





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